Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

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Written by TiTON   
Monday, 01 October 2007 05:12

TiTON's Louis V SFF Case Mod

Hey Folks,

I started on a small case mod for a 24/7 rig.  Being modders, we can’t use can a pc case in its stock condition.  I wanted to do a fun, simple, and clean case mod that wasn’t too wild.  So for this case mod I decided to go with a Louis Vuitton theme. 

LV Purse

For the case mod I am starting with SilverStone SG01 SFF case.  I really like this SFF case a lot.  It is built very well, and can accept a standard size Power Supply. 

SilverStone SFF SG01 Evolution


Rear of SG01 


The case cover has no windows, except for some ventilation holes along the bottom on each side.  I decided to cut a window on the left side panel to showcase the video card.  I didn’t cut a window on the right side intentionally.  This way I have more leeway to hid all the power and data cable out of sight.

Side Panel Window Prep 

Rough Side Panel Window Cut Out

Now that the side panel is cut, time to take apart the case frame for some painting.  Screws mainly held the case together.  I only had to drill a few rivets to take out the optical drive bays.

SG01 Frame

Ready for Primer

Now that all the pieces are separated, it is time to prep the parts for paint.  Here is a pic of all the parts being primered:

All Primed

I wanted the frame to look like the inside of an LV purse or bag, which is tan.  So I decided to paint the frame using a Khaki color.

Frame Painted Tan / Khaki

Next post I will cover some of the exterior painting.


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