Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Final Louis V Case Mod Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by TiTON   
Thursday, 25 October 2007 05:06

TiTON Louis V Case Mod 

Hey folks.  Great news, by the end of this post, the case mod will be completed!!! :)

On the last update you saw the frame come together.  Now its time to take care some of the details and finish off the case mod.

To break up the LV Brown / Khaki / Gold, I decided to go with Black.  Using black has some great advantages, mainly you don’ t have to paint your optical drives to match the theme.  Having just black optical drives alone would look terrible, so we carried it through the entire case.

For the side panel windows, I used smoke acrylic.

Smoke Acrylic

After it was cut to size, I used double sided tape to mount it to the side panel. 
Acrylic Mounting

Window Mounted on Side Panel

The IO Cover and PCI Brackets were also painted gloss black to match.

Black Rear Bracket

Luckily EVGA’s brackets are already black to match.

Here are the PC hardware that is going into this case mod.  Many people think we just throw in any PC part to make a case mod work.  Since this case will be a daily rig, I wanted parts that both perform well and was quiet.  With that being said, here are the parts for this rig:

Processor: AMD x2 5000+ AM2 Brisbane – With the 65nm Fab, and only 65 Thermal Watts @ 2.6Ghz, this processor is both fast and quiet.  A very optimal choice for a quiet pc.

AMD x2 5000 Brisbane

Motherboard: Biostar TF-7050 – This is a solid motherboard based on NVIDIA 7050PV.  It has On Board HDMI for great HTPC flexibility.

Biostar Motherboard

Biostar HDMI Port

Video Card: EVGA 8800 GTS 640 – Great video card to play any current and next generations games:

Memory: 2GB of OCZ PC2 8500 NVIDIA SLI Edition Ram – OCZ makes some great enthusiast ram.  These are defienietly fast and stable!! 


Power And Cooling: SilverStone Element 500 & Nitrogon NT06-Lite – Two of the key problems with quiet PC is the cooling and Power.  This great combination from SilverStone provides ample power and cooling with VERY minimal noise.

Silverstone PSU and HSF

PSU – This PSU is over 80% Efficeient, which reduces the amount of wasted power and heat.  In addition, this is the “Short Cable Edition”, which is designed specifically for SFF Cases.  Less clutters equals neater system and better airflow.

SilverStone Short Cable

Cooling – This CPU Fan is Huge.  You can see how big it really is when mounted to the board.  I am using this CPU Fan as a passive heatsink, with no Fan attached.

SilverStone NT06-Lite on Motherboard

Configuration – You can see the CPU Fan sits right under the outtake fan of the PSU.  So with the single 120mm fan from the PSU, it cools both the processor and the power supply.  The Short cables easily reaches the 24pin ATX power connector

PSU and HSF mounted in case

Now with the parts covered.  Here are some pictures of the completed case:

Completed LV Case #1

Completed LV Case #2

Completed LV Case #3

Completed LV Case #4

I hope everyone enjoyed this case mod.  It was completed in time and made its public debut in the BOYC at the NewEgg LanFest 2K7 in Ontario, California earlier this month.   This was really a fun case mod to work on.  Thank you everyone for checking out my work log.

Stay tuned for my next case mod.  I have already started another project to hopefully be done very quickly.  I will post a work log on it when I am done.  Be sure to check it out.

Thanks again.


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