Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

TF2 Update: Gattlings Completed PDF Print E-mail
Written by TiTON   
Friday, 14 December 2007 11:32

Hey Folks,

It is time for another project update.  Sorry for the delay, I have been busy modding away :)  In the previous update, the gattlings were coming together very nicely.  On this update, you will see the finish results.

To connect the turrets to the holders, I had to build standoffs to cradle the barrel in the acyrlic.  I had some ¼ MDF sitting around, and transferred my template to the board.

Board template

I used a regular saw to cut the holders and you can see the barrel body sits very nicely on the stand offs.

Test fit for standoffs

My buddy Boddaker brought up a very good point on the gattling barrel.  The wall of the PVC is pretty thin, and what type of ammo rounds are ¾ OD?

Huge PVC opening

To make the barrel look more realistic and accurate, I went down to the hardware store and picked up a dozen PVC Bushing stops.

PVC Bushing Stops

With each PVC Bushing, I had to drill a hole w/ the help of the drill press, sand down the flanged edges.  Once that was done, each bushing was jammed into the PVC and held in place with Epoxy.  Once the epoxy was dried, each barrel was sanded down to a smooth finish.  Now the barrel appears more accurate with a ½” ID opening.

Drilling the hole

Epoxy beign applied

Smooth Finish

Now that the barrel components are finished, time for painting.  Here are some pics of the painting process.  For the barrel, I used gloss black.  The main body was painted Costal Blue.  I used Bronze Hammered Paint for the accent pieces to give it a metalic appearance.

Parts ready for painting

Parts Primed

Parts painted gloss black

Barrel Body Costal Blue

With all the parts painted, time for assembly.  Here you see the barrels and holder assembled together.  I used a combination of double sided tape to center the barrel and epoxy to keep them in place

Barrel Assembly

To add detail to the gattling, I was able to purchase 48” worth of dummy / inert m60 ammo belts.  Each round is approximately ½ in diameter and almost 3” long, which fits the scale of the turret perfectly.  I had to drill a hole in the clip in order to secure it to inside of the gattling barrel

Ammo ready for drilling

48" Worth of m60 ammo

Now here is a pic of the completed gattling assembly minus the end cap.

completed gat minus end cap

I hope you enjoyed this work log so far.  This is turning out to be a very fun case modding project.  On the next update, I will cover the rocket launcher!!  Any comments or questions are always welcomed.


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