Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

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Friday, 22 February 2008 11:00

Las Vegas 


This years CES was a blast!!! Shamino and Foxconn invited IRONMODS out to Las Vegas to bench some of the fastest hardware alongside some of the best and legendary overclockers in the world. 


 Here is the famous “Welcome Fabulous Las Vegas” sign:

Welcom to Las Vegas

 Check out this awesome setup:  EVGA 780i, Intel QX9650, and Tri SLI EVGA 8800 Ultra all to be cooled by LN2: 

Evga 780I and Tri SLI Ultra w/ LN2

 The 1st night of benching was done over at XtremeSystems’ Head quarters in Las Vegas.  You can see the thermos frosting up from the LN2. 

Benching at XS

 From Far Left you have the following: MikeGuava, Cpt.Planet of IRONMODS, Shamino, a few friends, and Kingpin on the right. 

More Benching at XS

 From Left to Right – Cpt.Planet, Kingpin, Shamino, Fugger of XS, and our friends from EVGA. On the 2nd night we benched at the Foxconn both at Caesar’s Palace.  For this benching, we had the following setup: Foxconn’s X48 BlackOps motherboard, (2) AMD 3870’s, and Intel QX9650.  These were all cooled with LN2.  Check out the huge LN2 dewar in the background.  Pic Left to Right: MikeGuava, LN2 Dewar, Shamino, a Friend, Kinc, and Cpt.Planet. 

Benching at Foxconn

 Here is a picture of Cpt.Planet’s newest Cascade unit.  Sadly, it didn’t fair well in the trip to Las Vegas from the East coast. 

Cpt.Planet's Cascade

 Here is the last night of benching at the Foxconn booth.  As you see, the atmosphere was very relax.  Pizza and Overclockign goes very well together. 

Pizza and LN2

From Left to Right: Troufman, Cpt.Planet, TiTON, and Shamino.
 Here is a picture of most of the benchers at CES.  This is probably the largest gathering of World Record and Legendary Over clockers in the US. 



Back Row, left to Right: TiTON, Cpt.Planet, guess2098, AndreYang, Trouffman, IFMU, Fugger, Kingpin, [ctx]Infected.sin, InjViper.

Front Row, Left to Right: Shamino, Kinc, Jinu117, MikeGuava, Sgt.Viper This was a great event, and we want to thank personally thank Shamino and Foxconn for letting us be a part of it.


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