NewEgg LanFest 2K7 OverClocking Recap Print
Written by TiTON   
Thursday, 11 October 2007 05:09

NewEgg LanFest 2k7

NewEgg LanFest 2k7 in Ontario, California has come to a close.  The LAN event was awesome, and IRONMODS’ SubZero Overclocking Demonstration was a great success.  Here is a recap of the overclocking demonstration:



Here we are at the NewEgg LanFest 2K7 Venue, the Ontario Convention Center.

Ontario Convention Center

For both days, we are going to torturing the EVGA 680i & QX6700.  The board handled the cold temperature and speeds like a champ.

EVGA 680i mobo and QX6700

It was dark inside the LAN and had limited room.  As expected, the weather in Southern California was great.  We had clear skies and nice temps, so we setup shop in the parking lot to prep for Saturday’s Demo. 

Prepping in the Parking Lot

Just so we knew who was throwing the lan:

NewEgg Banner

For the display, EVGA let me use their Apple 30” LCD monitor.  This thing was a monster!!!  But things sure looked great!!

30" LCD Goodness!!

Before the demo started, I fired up the rig with no Dry Ice to make sure everything posted and booted into Windows.  Had to make sure to keep the temperature probe close to make sure things did not get too hot.

Testing Hardware before demo

For this demo, we focused on Overclocking an EVGA 8800 GTX.  Here are the system specs for the demo:

· EVGA 680i Motherboard
· Intel QX6700
· EVGA 8800 GTX Volt Modded
· WD 74GB Raptor
· SilverStone Zeus 850Watt
· DangerDen Torture Rack
· IRONMODS Alum CPU Pot v2.3 Designed by Cpt.Planet
· IRONMODS Alum GPU Pot v2.0 Designed by Cpt.Planet

8800GTX Setup

The pots performed awesome.  The temperature stayed fairly constant during the entire demonstration.  Here is a frosty picture of the rig during the overclocking demo:

Frosty Pots

Here is a picture of the audience during the demo.  You can see that everyone was very interested in watching and learning about SubZero Overclocking. 

Audience is watching

Here is a picture of 8800GTX.  We were focusing on the performance increase that can be acheieve with subzero cooling and 1.55v to the core :)  We have practically a 300Mhz increase over stock GTX speeds.

Core at 868Mhz

We ran were able to successfully run 3Dmark05 around 825Mhz on the core.  Not bad performance at all :) That concluded our demonstration for Saturday.


For our last Subzero demonstration, I wanted to really impress the crowd.  So we decided to run 8800GTS 640MB in SLI.  We are talking about running 3 Dry Ice Pot.  This was going to be a fun challenge.

Just like on Saturday, we prepped the SLI Rig in the parking lot.  We had a number of BYOC and Vendors visit us to see what was going on.

Prepping SLI In the Parking Lot

Here is the specs for the Rig for Sunday Demo:

· EVGA 680i Motherboard
· Intel QX6700
· GSkill 4GB (2x2GB) PC8000
· (2) EVGA 8800 GTS 640 in SLI
· WD 74GB Raptor
· SilverStone Zeus 850Watt
· DangerDen Torture Rack
· IRONMODS Alum CPU Pot v2.3 Designed by Cpt.Planet
· IRONMODS Alum GPU Pot v2.0 in SLI Designed by Cpt.Planet

The audience was very interested in seeing SubZero SLI performance.  Here you can see them intently watching the monitor as I overclock the system:

Audience for SLI

You can see the CPU Pot fog as dry ice is added to the acetone in the container.

Cpu pot fogging

Here is a close up of the GPU Pots.  You can see the fog and acetone boiling from the dry ice

GPU Pots closeup

By the end of the demo, we had the GTS 640 running over 925Mhz on the core.  This is 350Mhz over stock GTS Speeds.

Also guess who showed up at my demo to say “hi”.

Me and Fatal1ty

Overall the demonstration was a great success.  We did not focus on breaking world records or 3dmark scores.  We wanted to highlight the type of performance that can be obtained with extreme cooling, as well as how choosing the right part is very important for performance and stability.

I want to thank EVGA and NVIDIA for inviting me to demonostrate SubZero Overclocking at the LAN.  Hopefully we will be seeing more demos like this in the near future.