TiTON Captures 3rd Place in MSI OC-Arena North America Qualifier: Print
Sunday, 02 August 2009 20:00

MOA2009Cpt.Planet and TiTON entered the MSI OC-Arena Online North America Qualifer.  This multi-phase Online qualifier determines who will be going to Beijing and represent the US in the MOA World Championships.  Both Cpt.Planet and TiTON made Top 10 SuperPi 16m runs in Phase 1 to proceed to Phase 2.  In Phase 2, Cpt.Planet and TiTON were task to make Top 2 places for a spot in Beijing.  As the competition ended, TiTON managed to take a 3rd place finish, and missed a trip to Beijing by only a few hundred points.   Even though Team IRONMODS will not be heading to Beijing, TiTON walks off  with a solid 3rd place finish and some very nice prizes!!  You can check out the official results here at MSI: MSI OC Arena North America