TF2 Monitor Dispenser Mod Print
Written by TiTON   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 09:37

TF2 Title 

Hey folks,

I wanted to share with you my latest mod.  This project is an extension of the TF2 Sentry PC I posted a few weeks back.  For this project, I wanted to modify my IZ3D Gaming monitor to fit the Team Fortress 2 Theme.  I decided to modify the monitor into the Engineer’s Dispenser.  The Dispenser paired with the Sentry seemed like the perfect match.  Here is a quick screen cap of the Dispenser from the game.



For this project, I wanted to go “Green”.  Instead of purchasing new material to build the dispenser, I used pieces of MDF, wood, and acrylic that I have saved over time from old desks and previous case mods.

Here are some pieces of MDF from an old desk I had.  The table top is 1” MDF, while the black side pieces were ½” thick.  The boards were a bit dusty and still had fasteners on them.

Wood Pieces

I trimmed the table top that will be used as the backboard, and the black boards will be used for the sides of the case.  To make sure the cuts were symmetric on  the side pieces, I clamped them together and cut the boards at the same time.  The pieces came out a perfect match.

Boards Clamped and Cut

Here is a picture of the backboard and side pieces clamped together to make sure everything lined up.

Frame Clamped

For the front of the case, I used simply laid another pieced of wood on top and cut straight across.  Once it was trimmed to size, I cut a few openings.

Front Piece being Sized

Front Piece with holes

Here is a pic frame clamped together.

Clamped Frame

Stay tune for the next post :)