Part 2 - Assembly, Painting, and Health Tank Print
Written by TiTON   
Thursday, 27 March 2008 04:23


Part 2 – Assembly, Painting, and Health Tank

After cutting a top and bottom board for the case, it was time to assemble the main frame.  To make sure the Dispenser wouldn’t fall apart, I used a combination of wood glue, and wood screws.  I predrilled pilot holes, as well as countersink, to prevent the boards from splitting.

Wood Glue and Wood Screws

Drilled and Sanded 

 Wood filler was applied with a putty knife over the screw holes, as well as the seams.  This is was an attempt to smooth out MDF edges

Wood Filler

After the frame was dried, it was time to paint.  A couple of coat of gray primer and blue paint, and the frame is finished.



For the front piece of the dispenser, hammered bronze paint was used to give it a metallic appearance


In the game, the Dispenser has an oxygen tank that restores the player’s health.  I was able to modify an old fire extinguisher, along with a few pieces of ABS to recreate this item.

Empty Tank


Test Fitting

That is it for now.  Till the next post!! :)

- Ton