Post 4 - Finishing Up Print
Written by TiTON   
Thursday, 10 April 2008 05:59


From the last post, we had majority of the Dispenser completed.  Now we are going to finish it off.   Read on...

Currently the monitor seems very detached from the case mod.  I wanted the display to appear integrated with the frame.  To accomplish this task, I cut a piece of plexi as large as the opening, and then use a scroll saw to cut a window


Scrollsaw work

 Monitored Framed.

After the window was cut, I primed and painted it blue to match the dispenser.

On the in-game Dispenser, there are knobs in the middle.  I quickly recreated this look with a piece of plexi painted black, a wooden dowel, 4 bottle caps, and 4 CD Label hubs.

I then use a step drill and drill press to make the holes the proper size for the wooden dowel

Step Drill

Here is a picture of the dry fitting for the wooden dowel and caps.  They dowels and caps were painted later to match the color theme.

Test fit

For the ammo belt, I used the same size rounds as the sentry.

More ammo

To attach the ammo belt to the case, I cut a rectangular hole and secured it with a nut and bolt.  The clamp for the ammo belt at the bottom was with made by bending a piece of plexi with a heat gun. 

Ammo clamp

After all the parts were painted, it was time to apply the vinyl decals.  I really have to thank AgentArt from for getting me these images.  Also special thanks for Mark at LiquidStickerDesigns ( for cutting these for me.  Here is a pictures of the decals


Here is a pic of decal applied.  It looks soo sweet!!

Decal Applied

Next post – Finshed Pics!!!

- Ton